Providing access to financial services for all Africans
We’re building the best next-generation platform for make crypto easy to use for everyone whatever you want to do. We design it for people and allow to begin transacting the modern way.
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We transforming the vision of payment in Africa and the rest of the world with cryptocurrency
Mozacoin is developing technology to help Africans and businesses grow - from individuals, new start-ups, to market leaders launching new business models.
We make it easy to send and accept secure payments through multiple local and international payment channels all based on cryptocurrency, and then we provide tools to help you invest in cryptocurrency and use it in your everyday life.
The free movement of money in Africa and around the world will allow to extend all the possibilities to every person and boost the economy in all sectors.
Our mission
Create a global electronic payment system based on cryptocurrency.
Our vision
Enable every person in the world to carry out electronic transactions in cryptocurrency in a fast, simple and secure way.
Our values
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    Everything at mozacoin reflects simplicity. Our system and everything we design is intended to be as simple as possible.

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    Innovation is our everyday word. To create something unique and to solve a concrete problem for our users.

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    Only respect breeds trust, that's why we do not neglect and do not accept any lack of respect towards our users.

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    Never worry about your data because our privacy policy is clear and inviolable.

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We are a technology company working to make cryptocurrency accessible to Africans, with the aim of accelerating financial inclusion.

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