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Customer focused

We’re a team that’s obsessed with our customer’s growth and success. It's the basis of everything we do. From the features we build, to how we hire.

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We're focused on these 3 demands. Our products will always guarantee to offer these, and you won't find better anywhere.

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We continually release new features and improvements to help you stay ahead of the Crypto industry shifts.

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    Mozacoin offers you the best ways to invest in cryptocurrencies easily and accessible, even from $1

  • Accept payments

    Once your account is well setup and cinfigure you can receive crypto payments from your customers. Get paid the way you choose.

  • Fast Withdrawal

    Instant payout into your bank account, mobile money or crypto wallet. Withdraw your funds in Fiat or your preferred cryptocurrency.

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We are a technology company working to make cryptocurrency accessible to Africans, with the aim of accelerating financial inclusion.

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