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“Trust is our product. We’re okay being the tortoise in the race.”

— Vitalik ButerinCo-Founder Of Ethereum

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The Mozacoin Wallet enables users to have a multi-asset wallet with access to all of its features upon verification.

We work from Africa

We use Internet as our headquarter from Africa and we work all around the world.

Encryption at every step

We take security in our DNA that is why we process to encrypt all information.


With Mozacoin, you are the sole owner of your digital assets, offering you maximum security.

Crypto made easy

Mozacoin offers you several flexible options to buy and sell your crypto.

  • All your activity. In one place.

    Buy & Sell instantly with your mobile money, bank accounts or debit cards

  • Effortlessly Explore NFTs

    Mozacoin offers the broadest NFT support among all Web3 wallets and allows you to view and manage all your NFTs in one place.

  • Instant Payment

    Use the powers of the lightning network and stablecoins on Mozacoin to get paid wherever you are in seconds!

Save it, spend it, send it. It’s up to you.
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Whatever you want to do with your money, you can do it from Mozacoin. We’ll make sure it’s done better and hassle-free.

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We are a technology company working to make cryptocurrency accessible to Africans, with the aim of accelerating financial inclusion.

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